Wikipedia and Wikinfo Edits on Land Planning and Police Power Made

The team at the Citizen Geography Project has made contributions to Wikipedia and Wikinfo related to land use planning and the police power. Information about the police power was added to the Land Use Planning entry and information on land use planning was added to the Police Power entry on Wikipedia. A Police Power entry was added to Wikinfo with the same information on land use planning. More information about Citizen Geography Project contributions to the two (2) wiki sites can be found on the The Central California Wikipedia Contributions Project page.

About the Citizen Geography Project

The Citizen Geography Project coordinates the efforts of volunteers to understand and educate the public about land and water issues in the United States. This includes original research, high quality writing, and media production on topics like land development, land planning, land use, land management, land title, land surveying, environmental protection, water quality, water use, water treatment, water supply, and water management.

Focus on GIS
We have a special focus on the application of GIS technology, open source software, and open hardware to land and water policy issues. We support open technology and open data standards.

All of our research and media is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Whenever possible, our data is released into the Public Domain.

Stay tuned for more information on our projects, research, and media.

Landon Blake
The Citizen Geography Project