Project Volunteers

On this web page you can learn about the volunteers working as part of the Citizen Geography Project.

Oscar Lopez

Oscar G. Lopez, concerned citizen of Chicago, Illinois, completed his bachelor’s in Earth & Planetary Sciences at Northwestern University in 2014. Since then, he has organized communities throughout his city in order to achieve social change. Oscar’s work taught him that enduring progress is only attainable with an objective understanding of past and present circumstances, or ‘we won’t know where we’re going until we know where we are and where we’ve been.’ With this in mind, Oscar uses GIS to chart the spatial and temporal relationships between social and infrastructure policy, economic welfare, environment, and public health in urban ecologies. He hopes to aid neighborhood organizations throughout and beyond Chicago in improving their communities.

Hailey Lang

Hailey Lang is a graduate student studying Urban and Regional Planning through San Jose State University and a Stockton native. She brings academic and research experience to California Central Valley land and water issues. She was first exposed to GIS while completing her bachelor’s in Geography with a minor in Geospatial Science at Humboldt State University. Hailey has extensively worked with programs such as ArcMap, ERDAS Imagine, and Adobe Illustrator to complete mapping needs for classes and research. During her studies at Humboldt State, Hailey was focused on employing a detailed and temporal spatial analysis with geographical perspectives of the foreclosure crisis within Stockton. She is currently working with Humboldt State to publish her research through an academic journal hosted by Dr. Matthew Derrick, geography professor. Her ability to provide knowledge on geographical issues within the Central Valley supplies empirical perspectives that can be used within the fields of GIS, planning, or academia.

While at Humboldt State University, Hailey was a teaching assistant for the general cultural geography course; providing students with extra help, administering exams, and conducting class lectures. She has also interned for the Bureau of Reclamation at New Melones Lake in Sonora, California, where she assisted the park rangers with the mussel education program and provided support with surveying. Hailey is also an active member in the American Pacific Coast of Geographers and the California Geographic Society.

Landon Blake

Landon Blake is a land surveyor and GIS professional with over a decade of experience in Central California and Western Nevada. He is a licensed land surveyor in California and Nevada and a Certified Federal Surveyor. He serves as the editor of the OSGeo Journal, the Board Representative for the OSGeo California Chapter, and the founder of the California Central Valley Geospatial Professionals Group. Landon also serves as the current Vice President of the California Land Surveyors Association Central Valley Chapter and is a member of the CLSA GIS Committee. He also serves as a committee member of the California Geodetic Control Working Group.

Landon serves as the director and volunteer coordinator for the Citizen Geography Project.

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